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Drayage Services in Long Beach

Anyone outside the shipping industry has probably never heard the word “drayage.” In laymen’s terms, drayage is the transportation of goods over a short distance. And while we are more than adept at delivering your Long Beach business’s goods and cargo close by, King Fio Trucking, LLC’s commitment to customer service allows us to offer our drayage services for both local and out-of-state customers.

Whether your shipment needs to be delivered or sent out from the Long Beach area, elsewhere in California, Arizona, Nevada or anywhere else in North America, you have the King Fio guarantee to work with you, the customs brokers and the shipping lines to expedite your container’s clearance. We know firsthand how important it is to get your goods on shelves or the raw materials that your business runs on. We deliver on this promise with professionalism and efficiency.

King Fio Trucking, LLC is available to manage container movements at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and BNSF or ICTF rails. If your container is arriving elsewhere by some other channel, we are confident that our years of experience will allow us to get the job done. Call us today to speak to one of our representatives who will provide you a full analysis of what we can do for you.

Every day, King Fio helps more companies like yours because we know that you have bigger things to worry about than whether your shipments will arrive on time. By partnering with King Fio Trucking, LLC, we are happy to alleviate that unnecessary stress by providing you with a complete analysis of your procedures, time lines and shipping and receiving schedules. We only know how to do business one way: transparently. You will always know about the status of your shipment because that’s the only way King Fio would have allowed it.

To find out what King Fio Trucking, LLC’s drayage services can do for your Long Beach business’s needs, call us for a quote today.

Why Choose Us for Your Long Beach Business’s Drayage Needs

When we are moving your goods, security and safety are second only to customer satisfaction. That is why we track all movement in transit from inception to delivery. We have our fingers on your shipment’s pulse so you can go about your day with the peace of mind that you are in the care of professionals that value customer satisfaction over anything else.

Furthermore, all our drivers are licensed, road-tested and insured. All our vehicles meet the current environmental standards of the ports. We operate out of Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports 20 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to our longstanding relationships with the ports. We know how to use off-hour times and weekend gates to ensure that your shipment is sent or received with the utmost efficiency.

If necessary, we can also coordinate with third-party logistics companies to meet a customer’s unique set of needs. Simply call us to let us know if you require warehousing products, freight forwarding, etc. We’ll help you find a solution that makes sense for you.